DEAN Foundation


DEAN Foundation

We cater to that vulnerable, marginalised section of society that cannot speak or defend for itself - mainly the destitute, the homeless and afflicted women and children; those living below the poverty line will receive priority of admission and free treatment. 

We care for those suffering from terminal, irreversible advanced, incurable - both malignant and non-malignant diseases like Cancer, AIDS, etc. in the city and surrounding districts of Chennai, Kanchipuram Block and Karamadai Block, Coimbatore, in the State of Tamil Nadu, India, with no access to Palliative Care.


Our Vision

To create a robust environment that facilitates, nurtures and assists those with core competencies, in the provision of Hospice and Palliative Care services; to address unique challenges and opportunities; and to develop and sustain outstanding research and academic activity, political engagement and service delivery.

Our Mission

  • To care for the elderly and those who are suffering from irreversible diseases like Cancer, AIDS, End-stage Diabetes, Neurological, Kidney diseases, etc. irrespective of age, sex, religion or economic background
  • To relieve “Total Pain” by anticipating, preventing and treating suffering  
  • To help find meaning in the midst of life's struggles in an unconditional, non-judgmental environment
  • To enhance the quality of life
  • To support the family during illness and in their bereavement


Our Goals

  • To relieve the suffering of patients and their families by the comprehensive assessment and treatment of physical, psychosocial, and spiritual symptoms experienced by patients.
  • To reach those in the remotest of areas needing Palliative Care through networking and creating awareness thereby increasing referrals.
  • To empower the Patient and family by helping them to choose to die in their home and allow them to keep some sense of control over their lives, thus providing a more comfortable setting in which to die, and saving on hospital costs.
  • To offer a wide range of Complementary Therapies like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupressure, etc. as an additional option to conventional medicines to ease the effect of chronic illness.
  • To prepare the family to face the impending loss of their loved one and assist them through their grief, guilt or regret, during the time of bereavement.
  • To be an oasis of support for the ailing and the needy.
  • To ease emotional pain, wipe tears and restore the resolve to live, by finding new meaning and purpose.
  • To recruit more people and inspire them to lead by example, to make a difference in people’s lives, through disasters, calamities and personal loss, and thereby build a compassionate, caring, supportive and healthy community.

Our Values

  • Person-centered care
  • Compassion and Professionalism
  • Respect and Dignity
  • Accountability and Commitment
  • Fiscal and Social Responsibility
  • Equity, Diversity and Teamwork

Our Purpose

  • Celebrating Lives



Volunteers of all ages are invaluable to DEAN Foundation's Hospice & Palliative Care Centre. The time and unique talents they offer, add to the quality of life of our patients. Each volunteer receives extensive training whether you choose to work directly with patients and families or volunteer for the programme's many other needs.




Provide support to family during acute or terminal phase of illness. Available to visit and maintain vigil with dying person if appropriate. Organize donation in kind like food packets, clothes, medical accessories, etc. and distribute the same to patients, facilitate support groups, make telephone calls or visit bereaved family members, write personalized bereavement notes, and assist with bereavement support groups.




Handle phone calls, update registers, bulk mailing, partake in the activities / celebrations of the Trust, co-ordinate with other Volunteers, handle their Induction Programme, network and correspond regularlywith other NGOs, Doctors, Educational Institutions, maintain patient data base for research purposes, maintain the Website, increase DEAN Foundation's presence on Social Media, bring out newsletters / write articles, increase patient referrals, etc.




Create awareness about helping those facing end-of-life issues in educational institutions, workplaces, faith based organizations, communities, associations, at formal and informal gatherings, etc.




Keep Collection Boxes in strategic places, send proposals, letters, emails, make Power Point presentations to prospective donors, organize events like First Day First Show, An evening with a Film Star, musicals, liaison with the Media, create awareness on the philosophy of Hospice and Palliative Care, talk to school and college students, etc.


Dear Deepa, It was a moving experience to be with you and your team and visit one of your patients, Shyam. I hope you get all the moral and material support you deserve in your remarkable endeavour.

by Anital Pratap - 6 November 2001


It felt wonderful being with DEAN Foundation, this evening, when it is celebrating the anniversary of excellent service for terminally ill patient and their families. Very good work indeed!

by L.K.Tripathy - IAS


A very enriching expeience. It was a rare occasion when we could share moments with people who had gone through devastating experience similar to ours, come out of the trauma and join together in remembrance. It was heartening to know that we were not alone in trying to do our bit in supporting your very noble cause. Keep it up! You can count on our support!

by P.S. Anil kumar




While we have constituted a charitable trust, the principles of professional management remain uppermost in our minds. Therefore, a two-tier system of management and consultancy has been chosen for  the Foundation's activities. The 3-member Board of Trustees represents a mix of medical and managerial expertise to oversee the activities of the Foundation. In addition to this, we have constituted a Technical Advisory Committee comprising of eminent specialists from different medical, paramedical and professional streams of work. The Committee will provide key technical inputs as and when required, contributing to the progress of Palliative Care and DEAN Foundation.



Managing Trustee

M.Phil. in Communication and Journalism

Mrs. Deepa assists in designing new and effective communication strategies to highlight Palliative Care as a basic human right and the need for including it in the Health Care system.

Using mass media, she draws attention to end-of-life needs of those affected by Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, etc., and influences public opinion in correcting current perceptions on Palliative Care.

She develops and directs Palliative Care programmes especially the importance of the management of symptoms and psychosocial / spiritual / ethical dimensions of advanced diseases.

She also spearheads activities to work with other NGOs, nationally and internationally, to promote policies and research. Fundraising, staff training and mentoring are also part of her many tasks.




Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Ravi brings his vast experience in the field of research and teaching to the operations of DEAN Foundation continuously helping to innovate and find newer methods of creating awareness regarding Palliative Care. 

His travel and exposure to various foreign universities is also of great help in keeping abreast of new procedures and techniques emerging in the field of Palliative care.

His association with the DEAN Foundation lends it an air of credibility within the scientific community due to his numerous publications within India and abroad.




Freelance Computer Professional and Management Consultant

Mr. Vikram is well versed in software development and has worked with clients like McAfee, Symantec, Amazon and Microsoft. 

As an Operations Manager, he is highly skilled in people management. 

He has been working with US, UK and Dubai, with employees reporting to him from these countries. 

He has had experience in running the family business of a pharmaceutical company and is able to advise the organization in related areas.